About Quartz Building Design

Quartz Building Design is a bespoke residential building design company located in Adelaide’s Western suburbs. It prides itself on outstanding customer service and works closely with every client to ensure their vision becomes reality.

About Paul

I’m all about spaces that are beautiful, functional, elegant, and creative.

As a homeowner, you need to love coming home to the space that you spend so much time in every day.

  • You need to feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • You need to feel like your home is your “happy place”.

For over a decade, I have been driven by a passion to design homes that achieve the perfect blend of your vision, style and practical needs. I have always been passionate about design and enjoyed the dynamics of designing for the infinitely unique and varied living requirements of individuals, couples, small families, and extended families.

It is important to me that your space not only looks great but completely fits with your way of living. Do you spend your family time around the dining table or in the lounge? Do you want to watch your kids as they do their homework or is it important that they have space in their rooms to study? Are you a passionate cook who wants the ultimate kitchen or would you rather spend more on a home theatre space?

I don’t only make homes beautiful, I make them functional aswell.

It is only through extensive conversations that we learn what things are important to you and how you live your life. By the time we finish discussing your ideal spaces and family dynamics, your perfect living spaces begin to form as concepts. We bring your ideas and ideals to life in the form of zones and rooms that you will feel completely comfortable and happy in.

Imagine feeling so at ease in a room that simply being there is relaxing. Imagine being so proud of your house that you love having people over. Imagine a kitchen that “just works” and where everything is in the right spot always.

Whatever room you can imagine, we can bring it to life. Check out our gallery to find out more.

Moreover, I make sure that the buildings are energy efficient and the materials are robust, durable and will offer you years of maintenance-free service.

Give me a call to discover how close your new dream living space could be.

I was most fortunate to have Paul recommended to me by an experienced builder.  Paul accepted the challenge to solve some planning issues with my tricky subdivision and built form (a new home build and an extension to the original cottage) using his inspiration and creativity, in a constrained site and tight timeframe. 

I quickly discovered how passionate Paul is about good design and producing a quality product efficiently and effectively.

Paul’s professionalism and sound judgment was an asset to me as he worked closely with my Planning Consultant and Surveyor to provide them with relevant and timely information.

Paul has a natural rapport, which is a valuable quality for homeowners and builders who want their vision and needs realised.  He understands how important it is to produce a functional and beautiful home and he immediately goes to work on how to solve any glitches so that he can deliver on your expectations.

Paul is responsive, collaborative, competent and dependable from the moment he starts your job and he persists 100% until he completes it, which he was able to do in a remarkably short amount of time.

I am confident the building stage will be straightforward because of the time and effort Paul has invested into the design and planning phase.

As an owner builder and renovator of 25 years, I have experience with Architects and Draftsmen, and I wish I had found Paul sooner! 


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